The Škoda Owners’ Club GB is one of the oldest single marque clubs in country having been founded way back in 1962 and is now well regarded within the UK and across the world. Since being founded we have worked hard to connect Škoda owners and bring together enthusiast of these extraordinary cars. As a member of the Club you can expect the following benefits.

Our Club magazine, Škoda Owners, is the UK’s only magazine dedicated to Škodas. Printed quarterly, each issue’s 32 full-colour A4 pages are packed full of news, reviews, technical articles and member’s stories.

The Club has an event packed calendar both at a national and regional level to allow members to get together and share their hobby. Our premier event, Škodafest, attracts hundreds of Škodas of all ages and is regarded as one of the best Škoda events in the country. We are also regular attendees of the prestigious NEC Classic Motor Show.

International Events
The Club works together with other European Skoda clubs to create the factory supported Škoda Tour. The venues rotate around Europe with every third hosted in the Czech Republic.

As the SOCGB is registered with the DVLA and the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs we are able to aid members with all kinds of issues ranging from dating enquires, registering vehicles and valuations for the purposes of insurance. We are also able to give our backing to any legitimate concerns members may have with their Škodas and help to find solutions to the problem.

We have successful insurance discount schemes with two well-respected insurance providers. We can also offer our members discounted entry to some of the biggest car shows in the country and we have a developing network of parts suppliers who are willing to offer a discount to Club members.

Co-Operation with Other Clubs
The Club is part of a wide network of clubs with similar interest areas. We work together to create popular events including the SALT tour. This network allows us to share experiences, best practices, and information in order to ensure the Club is the best it can be.

Above all else though, the real true benefit of joining the Club is the friendship that ensues. We are not just fellow Škoda owners, but good friends with a common interest, a distinction that is abundantly clear within the growing membership of the Club.

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